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Scholarships for Cambodia

UWC (United World Colleges) is a global education movement that makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. UWC offers an International Baccalaureate education to students with a high emphasis placed on international understanding and the sharing of cultures. Set in 18 countries on 4 continents, UWC Colleges deliver a challenging and transformational education to over 9,500 students each year. 

The UWC movement started offering scholarships to Cambodian students since 2008. There are two scholarship programmes for Cambodia:

2-Year UWC Scholarships

UWC colleges offer scholarships for a maximum of two years for Cambodian nationals aged 16 to 18 years old of outstanding personal and academic potential. In the last several years, the national committee has received an average of three scholarships per year. This number may change depending on funding available at each UWC colleges, which relies on donations from alumni and other individuals, trusts, foundations, companies and governments.

The national committee is not able to know in advance which of the UWC colleges will offer scholarships to Cambodia until the offers are made. UWC scholarships for Cambodian students are need-based. It is likely that at least one of the scholarships received is fully funded, although there are partial scholarships in the mix as well. By donating directly to the national committee you can help fund additional UWC scholarships and provide more opportunities for the youth of Cambodia.

5-Year UWCSEA Scholarships 

UWCSEA annually offers full scholarships for a maximum of five years for two Cambodian nationals, aged 13 to 15 years old, of outstanding personal and academic potential. One successful candidate will be placed at the UWCSEA (East) campus and one at the UWCSEA (Dover) campus. Applications are open for both boys and girls. 

The College will meet all educational and accommodation fees, meals, travel expenses to and from Cambodia and a small living allowance for the successful candidates (subject to a review of their family's capability to contribute to their education).

The 5-Year scholarship programme is only available in Cambodia and for Cambodian nationals.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to apply, the student must be a Cambodian citizen residing in Cambodia and meet the minimum or maximum age requirement.

Qualification requirements

  • Well suited for UWC mission and values*
  • Must have sufficient written and spoken English skills
  • Demonstrated critical thinking abilities and academic potential
  • Demonstrated a strong commitment to and involvement in their communities
  • Have the potential to improve themselves and make an impact during and after their UWC education 

* For more information about UWC mission and values, please click here.

Selections criteria 

UWC looks for the following attributes in students:

1. Intellectual curiosity and motivation

Showing a genuine desire to learn about the world, the capacity to grasp a range of issues, from global problems to local concerns, and the ability to analyse topics thoroughly.

2. Active commitment

The ability to develop, question and confront their own values. To measure their behaviour within family and community against these values, and to act accordingly and responsibly.

3. Social competence

The ability and readiness to make contact with other people, interact respectfully with them, work in a team and achieve solutions. Also, the ability to express themselves appropriately, in different situations and to different people.

4. Resilience, personal responsibility and integrity

The ability to look after themselves physically and emotionally during the challenging and transforming experience that UWC offers. Also, the personal motivation to adhere to UWC’s common moral and ethical principles, a sense of humility and an ability to listen and value the opinion and experience of others.  

5. Motivation for UWC

Passion and commitment to actively promoting UWC’s values.

6. Ability to represent Cambodia to the international community

Students demonstrate the ability to effectively represent Cambodia 

For frequently asked questions about the UWC movement, UWC Cambodia national committee, and selections process, please see  FAQs page.