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Put Vitou, Phnom Penh, UWC-USA, 2019-2021


Vitou with friends and teachers at an outdoor excursion at UWC-USA

I have been at UWC-USA for about three months now, and it has been a totally different experience for me. Everything was new to me at the beginning: the school, the buildings, the atmosphere, the food, and the cultures. But most importantly, I met new faces from around the world. When I first arrived, I felt like I was stepping into a whole new world--or rather a virtual reality. Even certain things I had been familiar with seemed foreign to me. 

The school follows the IB curriculum, which is rigorous and intensely challenging. But it also offers a unique social community that is rich in its diversity. I believe this kind of living environment is hard to find anywhere else. Here we all live on campus, and I get to share a dorm room with another student from a different part of the world. All of this not only allows you to get to know and bond with people from different backgrounds, but also gives you many opportunities to shape your own future and possibly bring change to those around you. Overall, I feel very fortunate to be here at UWC-USA and continue to have this wonderful experience for the next two years of my life.